Can You Claim Mental And Emotional Distress Following A Car Accident?

Physical trauma is not the only injury someone may suffer as a result of a car accident.  In Louisiana, you may also be entitled to compensation for your emotional distress and mental anguish.     

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Many people also suffer non-physical damages as a result of an accident. A car wreck is a traumatic experience. In some situations, a victim of a car wreck may be afraid to get behind the wheel again, may feel claustrophobic, or even develop post-traumatic stress disorder. These are examples of emotional distress.

Another type of non-physical damage is mental anguish, which a victim of a car wreck may experience when, because of their injuries, they do not know how they are going to get their life back in order. A victim may worry about how they will pay their bills, whether they will lose their job, or feel deficient as a spouse or a parent. These are all examples of mental anguish.

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