I Was Injured In A Covington Truck Accident. How Can I Pay My Bills While Waiting For The Case To Settle?

Truck accidents can have devastating effects, not just in terms of injuries, but also with regard to medical and other bills.  Sadly, even if someone is so injured that they can’t go to work anymore, that doesn’t mean that bills stop coming.  

Unfortunately, in Louisiana, the at-fault insurance company is not required to pay your medical bills “as you go.”  Instead, medical bills are included in any resolution, at the end of your case.  In the meantime, there may be several solutions, such as using your own health insurance to cover medical bills.  In some cases, people may even have “medical payment coverage” as part of their own vehicle insurance, which may provide them with funds to pay medical bills.

Part of our job is working with our clients to find solutions to problems like this. 

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