What Is The Difference Between Insurance Claims and Lawsuits?

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"Hey, this is Grady with Grady Flattmann Attorneys At Law. There's a lot of confusion sometimes as to what happens when you file an insurance claim. A lot of people get confused with filing a lawsuit and filing an insurance claim.

They're two different things.

An insurance claim is not a lawsuit, and by hiring an attorney it doesn't necessarily mean that you're going to be filing a lawsuit or have to appear in court. An insurance claim is basically just notice to the insurance company about the wreck. The insurance company then assesses responsibility for the damages and assesses if there are any injuries occurring to anybody as a result of the wreck.

Lawsuits are filed with the court and follow certain legal rules like how to collect and use evidence. Lawsuits are resolved when the parties come to a settlement or when a judge or jury decides the outcome.

Sometimes insurance claims can turn into lawsuits. This happens for a variety of reasons. First when the insurance company isn't accepting responsibility for the accident. Second when the parties can't come to a reasonable agreement, or third, when the injured person is still treating and a year from the date of accident is coming up, called the prescriptive period. In those instances lawsuits are the only option.

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