How Much Is My Covington Pedestrian Accident Really Worth?

Every case is different and the answer to this question depends on many factors, including the facts of the case and the extent of the injuries sustained in the pedestrian accident.  

The first issue we explore is “liability,” that is, who is at fault for causing the pedestrian accident.  In Louisiana, we have what’s known as “comparative fault.”  This means that even if a pedestrian is found partially liable for contributing to their own accident, the other party may still share responsibility, allowing the pedestrian to recover a certain percentage of their damages.    

The second issue we explore is the amount of our client’s damages, including medical bills, future medical bills, lost wages, future lost wages, disability, and pain and suffering.  

The “value” of each personal injury case is very unique.  At our firm, when it is time to resolve our client’s claim, we meticulously examine every aspect of the case, research outcomes of other similar cases, and discuss our findings in detail with our client.  It is important to us that our client feels well-informed and comfortable with any decision they make regarding the value of their case. 

Have You Been Injured In A Covington Pedestrian Accident?

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